Why Us?

Can you perform the defect inspection yourself? The answer is yes.

There are enough resources online to guide you through a defect inspection and we are confident the guide we had put together here would provide you with the knowledge to perform one. The equipments required in most cases are usually no more than the usual mainstream handy tools such as spirit level, measuring tape etc...

Then what is the rationale of NGID Studio providing such a service you might ask next.

1) Experience

In theory, you possibly have all the knowledge gathered from online resources and tips from people whom had performed this before. But the reality is you are probably doing this for the first time. Compare this to driving and you would appreciate learning to drive in a classroom setting (be it your basic or advanced theory) is a world of difference from driving an actual car during your practical driving lesson. You would probably struggle with what you have to do when getting your hand dirty to inspect for defects.

This is where NGID Studio step in as we have experienced people to help you with this process.

2) Time

We still remember the first time we performed our very first defect inspection on a 1,200 square feet 3 bedder condominium. That took us an unbelievable 19 man-hours over 3 days. The saving grace we could say is we are very detailed here but the cold hard truth remained the fact that back then, we were armed with all the theories but were slow in applying them.

Today, a similar unit would take us around 9 man-hours as where to check, what to do, are all at the back of our heads. Even if you are as capable as us, you might not be able to commit that amount of time to perform this exercise. And assuming you have the luxury of time, there are probably 101 other more important tasks you need to pick up.

Once again, you can save time by engaging our services.

3) Client-oriented

We believe in client service and would strive to exceed your expectations. We do not claim to be perfect but where we fall short, we take all feedback seriously so we could be better. You can rest assured when you pay us for our services, we make sure you get every cent worth.