Inspection Scope

The defect inspection exercise would take anything from 6 to 9 man-hours on average for a typical 1,100 square feet unit. While size is usually the main factor, other factors such as unit layout or the number of defects might also come into play in determining how long the defect inspection exercise would take.

The defect inspection scope would cover the following categories namely:

You may refer to each of the links above to understand the nature of the checks our inspector would be performing during the defect inspection process. Note that while we took great care explaining how each of these checks are being performed in these individual sections, we have to be mindful of going into too much details here where we risk overwhelming readers like yourselves.

The inspection would usually start early in the morning around 9:00am and is expected to end by 6pm in the evening. Note that there could be instances where a second session might be required due to complexity of the inspection or simply high number of defects uncovered.

During the inspection, our inspector would inspect the place thoroughly for defects. Defects would be marked out accordingly with labels that are highly visible and easily identifiable so that clients would be able to spot the defects easily and understand the details of each of the defects simply with a glance. Furthermore, we used high quality labels to ensure they are sticky enough to remain in place yet non-intrusive enough not to leave any adhesive residue when it is time to remove them.

To ensure completeness of the defect inspection, all our inspector would need to fill out our own in-house defect inspection checklist and ensure each of the items in this checklist is inspected and commented accordingly and submit back to our office for audit purposes.

Once inspection is completed and all defect marked, our inspector would assist to fill out the defect list and details in your defect reporting form where you could then submit onwards to your developer for eventual resolution.