ii) Wall

In this section, we would go through the inspection of the wall which could either be bare but painted over or tiled with natural stones or ceramic tiles.

Where wall is tiled over, the same rules for floor tiles as described under the floor section are also applicable.

In general for painted wall, the surface should be smooth and free of brush marks when viewed from a distance of 1.5 metres. It is also important to ensure there are no signs of dampness or patchiness at the same time.

The visual inspection should also include checking for cracks, peel-offs, chip-offs, blisters and pinholes.

Wall - Paint Blistering
Wall - Paint Blistering

Wall edge lines and corners (both internal and external) are to be straight and consistent.

In summary, the following are the key areas to look out for when checking for wall defects:

  1. Surface should be smooth
  2. Free of brush marks
  3. No sign of dampness or patchiness
  4. No visible cracks, peel-offs, chip-offs, blisters or pinholes
  5. Edges should be straight and consistent